I understand what it feels like to have 13,000 ideas when it comes to how you want to show up and be seen in your business. It’s about knowing where to actually start and helping you spend more time in your business where you shine. Investing in strategic branding can be the most efficient and effective way to grow your business, connect with your dream clients and make more sales.

I help you turn overwhelm into clarity so your brand can speak for itself.

Let’s explore how I can help you grow your brand

Behind the Brand Group Program
Get Clear on your Brand Strategy

A 12 Week Group Program (of 3 people) that guides you through developing and implementing your brand strategy to go from overwhelmed to clarity + confidence behind your brand.


Work with me 1 : 1
Brand Strategy +/ Visual Identity

Strategy for your business to bring a brand to life that resonates with and attracts clientele that you currently dream of and love working with! Visual brand identity designed with your brand strategy at the forefront.


Mentoring for Quiet Designers
Workshops, Group and 1:1 Support

For designers that identify with being shy and know that a sales call is key to their biz growth and to book more clients. Gain confidence while embracing who you are to become empowered in your sales process.

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How do you know when it’s time to invest in branding?

Your ideal client has changed, or you are trying to reach a new type of audience

You are adding new services or pivoting to coaching and/or course creation

You are raising your prices and your branding doesn’t match your level of expertise or high ticket offers.

You want to stand out and learn how to position yourself in your industry 

Hey, I’m Courtney,

and I’m excited to help your brand look & feel like you – the incredibly talented, stand-out expert you know you are! Through design & branding we can show that to the outside world! (aka all the incredible people you want to work with!) A quick ‘about me’ – I’ve been a graphic designer for over 7 years and have tried ALL the things design related (wedding stationery to magazines) – but through it all my favourite is designing & strategy for brands, it’s what makes my creative heart the happiest!

You may know me from my greeting card brand @courtneyrosedesign, which I’ve grown by implementing the same tools I use to help my branding clients grow trust, create a community and work with their ideal clients!

Second Avenue Design Co. offers Brand Design, Strategy and Website Design, giving you the space + creativity to grow.

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Featured Projects

Step Within

Brand Strategy + Design

“Courtney Siemens is willing and able to collaborate with a person while guiding them down the right path. She is patient and able to explain/show why certain things aren’t on-brand. She is creative and makes sure everything is just right for her client. She is super intellectual and intelligent, clearly dedicated to her work, and is also gifted intuitively to just instinctually know what directions to go.

Courtney, it is clear that your mission is to deliver to your client all that they need and better yet, to exceed their initial expectations, so that they’re left amazed, mystified, and marveling at how the heck did you do that?!? You are truly gifted, Courtney Siemens, and it is crystal-clear that your work is your passion, your zone, and your gift.

Potential clients out there, if you’re thinking about working with Courtney Siemens, you definitely won’t be disappointed if you choose her. I love that I have passion again with my new business, and I’ve had such positive feedback already. You’ll be so thankful and full of gratitude that you did sign on with her.”

– Lynne Brochu of  Step Within: Intuitive Energetic Coaching
stepwithin.ca   |  @step_within_lynne

FLORENCE Floral Design

“We are FLORENCE • Feminine & Earthy | Wild & Romantic

Florence is a boutique floral and event design studio. We create arrangements that are beautiful, organic and wild – while taking cues from the changing seasons and nature around us. We believe in the importance of sustainable and responsible design, and practice methods to minimize our footprint.

Biggest thank you to the talented Courtney Rose for bringing our branding dreams to life. Your care and attention is evident in every detail. This monogram, designed by Courtney is one of my favourite features of our new branding. From the subtle wood grain in the F, to the symbolism of the Linden Flower (Lynden is my husband & cofounder). Our new branding does a beautiful job capturing our voice and values. It’s truly all in the the details.”

– Janine Florence Proctor of FLORENCE
florencedesign.ca   |  @florence__design

Brand Strategy + Design

Meadow Bay Estates

Brand Strategy + Design, Website Design

Meadow Bay Estates is an up and coming residential development alongside Lake Diefenbaker with a community atmosphere, and each lot has an expansive view of the lake.

Every lot offers the perfect opportunity to build your dream cabin or RTM to create memories year round. Look forward to entertaining family & friends, enjoying the outdoors and most importantly – sharing the beauty of the area.


“I just want to say how happy we are with the results of Courtney’s work on the Meadow Bay Estates logo & website. She is a very creative person and her eye for detail is remarkable.  I would definitely recommend Courtney to anyone looking for any of the many services she offers. Courtney puts her all into everything she does. Thanks again.”

– Holly Hamilton of Meadow Bay Estates
meadowbay.ca   | @meadowbayestates

The Parent Education Company

Website Development for The Parent Education Company Membership + Subscription Platform. Added to existing website to reflect subscription model and membership with subscription tiers and content restriction.

Your genuine passion, authenticity, and care that shone through during each stage of the project. Whether I had a question about something, or we were discussing customer journeys through the site you were incredibly helpful, very good at listening, and really understood how to enhance my ideas using your expertise.

Having your insight as an ideal client and designer was absolutely more beneficial to the project.  There were a lot of times that I referred back to you as the ideal client and asked the question “what would you, as an ideal client, want to see/do/feel here?”. I think this really uplevelled both the experience of working with you and the outcome of the site, which I have had a lot of positive feedback about.

Working with you has been a fantastic experience, your level of quality, not just with the site but with your entire approach to the project including how you communicated with me, the process of feedback, and the outcome is outstanding. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants a web developer and designer for their site.

– Emma Gasking CEO of The Parent Education Company


Website Development with Membership + Subscription Platform

The Process – Brand / Website Design


How it works

To allow your branding project to have the best possible outcomes + to understand your wants and needs, the following are included to create a true collaboration:

Client Questionnaire – this allows me to understand your business, how your business is run, your industry & competitors, your current audience, and where you draw inspiration from.

Pinterest Board – this assures me we are on the same page when it comes to styles, colours and overall mood. I find it is easier for clients to visually communicate their thoughts more effectively, as well! For example, you may say you want a brand that is “minimal, colourful, and fun,” but you and I may have a different idea on what that means. This is where having the Pinterest boards to help me understand your style is so beneficial to the process!

With all client homework, I provide specific guidelines and instructions to make this process streamlined + simple for you! We want to address the current problems you are facing with your brand, so I can provide design solutions and strategies you can easily implement.

Once I’ve received the Questionnaire & Pinterest board, I thoroughly analyze and interpret to start a discussion during the next step, the Brand Clarity session.

Brand Strategy

How it works

I believe an effective & intentional brand stems from more than just a pretty logo!

It is so important to really dive into the strategy behind the meaning and passion of your business to bring a brand to life that resonates with your audience, and attracts clientele that you currently dream of and love working with!

Brand Clarity Session – this is a 2 – 3 hr video call where I briefly overview the previous client homework, and we define what a brand is, your target audience and so much more.

We brainstorm and you are guided through a process to discover your Brand Goals, Audience Persona (ideal client traits), Brand Personality (Voice + Values), Branded Path (their journey from discovering your brand to buying – identifying any possible blocks), Problems + Solutions, Positioning Analysis, Differentiating Factor (What makes you stand out), and Creative Solutions (Social Media Content Ideas, Copy, Client Experience, Website Ideas, ).

The Brand Clarity + Strategy Guide is an easy to navigate guide for you to review, and make adjustments to, if necessary, based on our Brand Clarity call.

You will learn how to navigate your new brand with this valuable document as your business grows + reaches new milestones.

This guide includes mood boards with colour palettes for you to choose from, and two font boards. These are based on all strategy up until this point. After this, the exciting design process begins!


How it works

You will be presented with your brand identity (full logo, icons, etc.) with additional deliverables including business cards, social media templates, client workbook mockups, and a website mockup as a way to visual your brand in the real world.

Once these are finalized, I work on creating the final files for you to receive, and add a Visual Brand Guidelines in addition to the Brand Clarity + Strategy Guide including guidelines for proper logo design use, brand colours (codes for web and print), type (fonts and how to use them properly) and the different file types of the logos and how to use those.

I also include a set of Social Media templates as a bonus for you to use when launching your venture and reaching those dream clients!

Receive an inside look with full access to the Brand Strategy + Design process!

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