Caffè Breve – Handlettered Serif Font – Medium Roast (Regular)


Introducing Caffè Breve (kah•fay breh•vay) – a hand lettered serif font by Second Avenue Design Co.

Inspired by hand-lettered signage in coffee houses and chalkboard menus with their rustic hand-drawn look. Caffè Breve is a modern serif, both clean and refined yet with an organic feel and added personality with hand-drawn edges.

This font is perfect for logos, branding, social media graphics, printed marketing materials, signage, packaging, stationery, and products.

The inspiration behind the font: I previously created hand-lettered wood signs and most ended up with me combining my flowy script with a clean serif – it truly is a timeless font combination. With enough practice, I was able to freehand the uppercase serif I wanted to pair my script lettering with and struggled to find a similar digitized font out there for brand designs. They are either vectorized with harsh points, too textured or didn’t have enough imperfections to look perfectly imperfect. With this font, my goal was to create a timeless serif with a hint of personality perfect for logos, signage and pairing with script typefaces, while keeping the vector outlines smooth for cutting machines or signage at a larger scale.

Coming Soon: Decaf (Light), Dark Roast (Bold) and Nitro Cold Brew Variations of Caffè Breve

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. Please contact us if you have any questions before making your purchase.

*Pricing is in USD.

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